Why Beam?

When it comes to AML transaction monitoring and customer screening,
Beam checks all the boxes

We are industry experts

Beam is staffed by highly experienced veterans with backgrounds in regulatory compliance, data science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and cloud-based engineering. We understand your day-to-day challenges first-hand, and we are on a mission to make your life easier.

We provide the very best solution

Beam’s platform was thoughtfully designed by and for compliance professionals. Our best-in-class transaction monitoring, advanced machine learning, powerful and intuitive case management, and auto-generated SARs make analysts’ jobs much easier. And compliance leaders can rest easy knowing that Beam offers a proven solution that stands up to scrutiny by regulators, examiners, and auditors.

We see our customers as our partners

Many vendors put their A-team into the sales process and their D-team into the implementation phase, which is when the struggle is most real and challenging. At Beam, customer relationships are paramount in our fight against financial crime. We aren’t just a software vendor; we’re your deeply committed compliance partner who works tirelessly to help you safeguard your platform and your reputation. The quality of the engagement doesn’t change once the deal is signed; you get the same high-quality staff throughout your relationship with Beam.

We’re passionate about innovation and evolution as a company

We constantly evaluate the latest technologies, enhance the usability of our products, improve our processes, find new ways to strengthen security, and work as hard as you do to stay ahead of the criminals.

We're laser focused

Many risk and fraud companies cobble together compliance solutions that require extensive configuration and still don’t quite do the job. We built our solutions from the ground up with the sole focus of providing the very best AML and customer screening platform on the market.

We believe in compliance for everyone

We want to help all companies, no matter their size, join us in the fight against financial crimes. To support this effort, we provide a low-cost, zero-maintenance solution for fintechs and other companies who are just getting started with compliance.

We're here for you

Beam is based in California and New York and supports customers across the United States and around the world. Wherever you are, we’re there when you need us.

Are you ready to talk with a company that listens? We’d love to discuss your compliance challenges and how Beam can help. Simply request a demo, and we’ll get the conversation started.

See how Beam can solve your compliance challenges

By looking at your data from all angles, Beam yields significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates.

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