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Whether you run into a problem or just have a question, Beam is here for you. This page describes the service-level agreements between Beam Support (Beam) and our customers with an active paid subscription (Subscribers).

Creating and managing support tickets

You can report a problem or question by creating a support ticket on the Beam Support Portal.

To maximize Beam’s ability to resolve the ticket quickly, be sure to:

  • Provide sufficient information so Beam can replicate or otherwise understand the issue and respond appropriately.
  • Identify what steps you tried to resolve the issue. For example, if you are having trouble signing in, did you follow the steps in the knowledge base article but still could not proceed?
  • Respond promptly to outreach from Beam’s support team to provide any additional necessary information.
  • Work with the stakeholders in your organization to ensure their participation as necessary to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Support ticket types

A “Problem” represents a failure of one of the specific production or pre-production environments listed in your subscription. A production environment is a system that performs, or assists in performing, legally binding transactions and where a failure of a system in production will have an immediate economic impact on the end users and on the organization. A pre-production system is part of a release management system encompassing staging, testing, QA, or shared development environments.

A “Question” provides general technical support for Beam products. Questions may be about features, usage, functional implementation, or best practices as may arise during evaluation, development, or migration activities. A Question need not be linked to a specific production, pre- production, or individual development environment.

A “Feature Request” represents a suggestion for new functionality to be added to the product. Beam Product Management will review all Feature Requests and add them to the product roadmap for a future release if appropriate for our overall product strategy.

Priority levels

When a support ticket is raised, a Beam Support engineer will classify the ticket as one of the following priority levels based on the information provided in the ticket:

Priority level
  • The Subscriber has had a substantial loss of service, putting a substantial portion of Subscriber’s revenue at a risk of loss.

  • All or a substantial portion of the Subscriber’s mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption.

  • The Subscriber’s business operations have been severely disrupted.

  • The Subscriber is at risk of damage to its reputation.

  • Failure in a pre-production environment is blocking a critical release to production.

  • The Subscriber cannot access the system.

  • A government or legal stop order is placed on Subscriber requiring the service to cease with immediate effect.

  • Operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although Subscriber’s long-term productivity might be adversely affected.

  • A software error is causing the software to fail, but restart or recovery is possible.

  • Severely degraded performance.

  • Operations of some components are impaired, but users can continue using the software.

  • Imminent deployment milestones are at risk.

  • Nominal performance degradation.

  • Error messages are being displayed, but users can continue using the software.

  • Typographical errors, unexpected user interface behavior, and other minor annoyances are present, but users can continue using the software.

  • Long-term deployment milestones are at risk.

  • Warnings are being displayed, but users can continue using the software.

Service levels

Beam support is available 24x7x365. Beam endeavors to respond and resolve each Problem as quickly as possible, prior to the maximum Target Response Time, Target Workaround Time (if applicable), and Target Resolution Time associated with a Problem’s Priority Level. If a Workaround is not reached for a Problem within the Target Workaround Time, or a resolution is not reached within the Target Resolution Time, taking into account any lags in the Subscriber’s provision of necessary information, the Problem will be escalated to the Beam executive team and a special resolution team of Beam support engineer(s), Beam executive(s), and Subscriber representative(s) will convene and establish a response plan, including technical assessment, mitigation strategy evaluation, resource allocations, and status update frequency. The support team will work continuously under the direction of the resolution team until a final resolution of the Problem is reached.


Target Response Time
15 minutes
90 minutes
8 hours
24 hours
Target Workaround Time
4 hours
24 hours
72 hours
5 business days
Target Resolution Time
48 hours
72 hours
5 business days
30 business days
Status update frequency
Every 4 hours
Every 8 hours
Every business day


All priority levels
Target Response Time
1 business day
Target Resolution Time
Varies depending on complexity of question

Scope of support

Each ticket must be related to the operation of Supported Beam Software instances associated with the Subscription. A resolution to a Problem may in some cases consist of advice to seek a solution elsewhere – namely when the issue is caused by third-party software or attempts to use the software in an environment or for purposes for which it was not designed or well outside the published specs.

We may suspend the SLA for a Problem if the diagnosis or resolution involves code outside Beam’s control such as customizations you have made. We also may suspend the SLA for a Problem – or for the entire support account if the issue isn’t addressed promptly – if your Subscription lapses, if you have exceeded any limits, if you have failed to conform to license terms defined in your Subscription, if you are using the support system improperly or abusively, or if you are using the software for illegal purposes.

For us to provide good service, we often need your help with the ticket: prompt response to requests for information through our support system, and following our advice or instruction on a resolution. On an Urgent Problem, we expect you to make resources available on a 24×7 basis to assist Beam’s round-the-clock efforts in resolving the Problem. Our Service Level commitments are predicated on your sufficient involvement.

Changes to or discontinuance of support services

Subject to the terms of the Subscription Agreement entered into between the Subscriber and Beam, Beam reserves the right to modify this Support Services Policy at any time and for any reason, including to meet the business and legal requirements in individual countries around the world.

Questions about this policy

Questions or correspondence about this policy can be directed to


Business Day

means any day, excluding weekends and public holidays, in the United States of America, unless otherwise specified in a Subscription Agreement.


means any current user guides, operating instructions, knowledge base articles, release notes, update announcements, online help files regarding the use of the Supported Beam Software, manuals, or other materials that are generally made available with the software.

End User

means Subscriber or a third party licensed to use a Beam Product internally and not for distribution.


means either (a) a failure of the Supported Beam Software to conform to the specifications set forth in the Documentation, resulting in the inability to use, or restriction in the use of, the software, a runtime failure of the systems hosted by Beam, and/or (b) a problem requiring new procedures, clarifications, or additional information. It does not include development of new features.


means either a software modification or addition that, when made or added to the Supported Beam Software, corrects the Error or Problem, or a procedure or routine that, when observed in the regular operation of the software, eliminates the practical adverse effect of the Error on Subscriber or End Users.


means those individuals and entities that have entered into a Subscription Agreement with Beam for all necessary licenses and the provision of Support Services.

Subscription Agreement

means a Beam Subscription Agreement or OEM Support Agreement, addendum or amendment, work order, statement of work or other agreement between Beam and Subscriber for the provision of Support Services (as they may be varied, supplemented, amended or replaced from time to time in accordance with the terms contained therein.)

Support Services

means access to Beam support systems and personnel to be used within the scope and limits as set out in this Support Policy and the Subscription Agreement entered into between Subscriber and Beam.

Support Policy

means the policies and procedures as set forth herein.

Supported Beam Software

means the specific instances of software identified in a Subscription Agreement, or upgraded versions thereof.

Target Resolution Time

means time within which Beam’s support team will provide a final resolution or Fix to the Problem and indicate its closure on the Beam Support Portal to Subscriber, to the reasonable satisfaction of Subscriber.

Target Response Time

is defined as time elapsed between the reporting of a Problem by the Subscriber or Beam becoming aware of the Problem (whichever is earlier) and a Beam Technical Support Engineer acknowledging the receipt of such report to Subscriber through the Beam Support Portal and beginning the resolution process.

Target Workaround Time

means the time within which Beam’s support team will provide a Fix or a Workaround for a Problem to the reasonable satisfaction of Subscriber.


is a temporary solution for a Problem until a more permanent resolution by way of a Fix is arrived at by Beam. Workaround will lead to the final resolution of a Problem by way of a Fix in accordance with the Target Resolution Time.


means software components, media, printed materials, and online or electronic documentation that augments the capability or addresses a requirement or deficiency in the Supported Beam Software. Updates include patches delivered directly to Subscriber.

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