Investigation & Case Management

Powerful, streamlined tools maximize your team's performance

Designed by and for compliance professionals

Each case includes all the relevant details you need to quickly complete an investigation.

A single click on a case shows you a consolidated view of the data. Easily review the history, add notes, and send the case over to other team members for review using the collaborative, role-based workflow.

  • Auto-generated summary of suspicious activity
  • Full audit history
  • Shared notepad for easy collaboration

Beyond case management

Beam’s advanced tools help your team find everything they need, quickly provide answers and data during an audit,
and maximize performance.

Data explorer

With your company’s entire data set at your fingertips, you can find exactly what you need. Use the powerful search tools and advanced filters to look at your data in a multitude of ways.

  • Filter by date, amount, location, labels, and more
  • Easily spot patterns in your data
  • Answer audit questions with a few keystrokes

Timeline of events

See exactly how each case unfolded, who worked on it, and how decisions were made. The timeline is a permanent record, satisfying auditors and ensuring valuable information isn't lost.

  • Full audit history
  • All events are recorded

Quality control checklists and scores

Make sure every case is investigated correctly and thoroughly, and help your team members reach their full potential.

  • Policy-driven checklists
  • Scores helps managers review and train staff

See how Beam can solve your compliance challenges

By looking at your data from all angles, Beam yields significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates.

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