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Innovative technology for the future of compliance

The Beam platform provides a set of modules that perform data ingestion, detection, intelligence, investigation/case management, and report filing.

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Data Ingestion

Send your data to Beam

Beam makes it easy to integrate your data with the Beam platform so you can process transactions and other data. Beam’s versatile data models support all types of businesses—such as banks, marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies—so you don’t have to force your data into a one-size-fits-all solution.

Secure, flexible ingestion

Beam provides two highly secure, flexible approaches for sending your data to Beam for processing: file-based ingestion and the Data Ingestion API. You can mix and match these approaches to suit your needs.

For instance, many customers send their historical data as CSV files to bootstrap Beam and then use the Data Ingestion API for real-time data ingestion after that. Those who don't need real-time integration continue to send their data in daily batch files. And others use the Data Ingestion API for both bootstrapping and ongoing data ingestion.

  • The SFTP data ingestion server allows you to send your data as CSV files to Beam.
  • The Data Ingestion API is a public REST API that allows you to send data in real time as JSON payloads.
Beam API Gateway


Fewer false positives and higher catch rates

Beam monitors your transactions and detects suspicious activity.
Its domain-specific models adapt to changing behavior and excel in
a wide range of scenarios with superior accuracy.

Challenges with detection

Legacy systems based on rules and scenarios are fine for detecting static money laundering vectors. But criminals don’t sit still, and financial institutions can’t either. When behavioral patterns change, legacy systems lose their precision. Their only solution is to add more rules, which over time generate huge numbers of false positives and make false negatives more likely.

  • Legacy systems produce up to 99% false positives and miss as much as 60% of bad activity
  • The Data Ingestion API is a public REST API that allows you to send data in real time as JSON payloads.
The power of machine learning

Beam uses machine learning to account for many more variables simultaneously. Our algorithms learn from every investigation that your analysts conduct in Beam, ensuring your detection models constantly improve and stay ahead of the criminals.

We also score and rank our parameters by analyzing thousands of cases to prioritize hits and give them greater risk weighting. The result is significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates.

Detection with Beam

Less wasted time and more quality SARs filed.

Real Case:

Coffee shop consistently depositing cash just below the reporting thresholds.

False Positive:

Butcher shop with sudden increase in revenue due to Fourth of July holiday.


Gain insights through advanced, 360º data sources

The power of intelligence

Beam uses online sources like social media and the US Census to enrich your data and flag suspicious activity.

For example, if a customer is applying for a loan, Beam will ensure that the loan amount isn’t greater than the value of the home, that the customer’s stated income is typical for their profession, and that their stated profession matches their social media profiles.

  • Online sources enrich your data
  • Deeper insights lead to better decisions
Easily integrate with cutting edge sources

Beam integrates with third-party services that specialize in identity verification through various channels, such as a customer’s device settings and geolocation, to give you all the information you need to satisfy know-your-customer and customer due diligence requirements.

  • Watchlists and sanctions screening
  • Identity verification
  • Blockchain analytics


Powerful and streamlined investigation, case management, and reporting

Designed by and for compliance professionals

Beam helps your team investigate more effectively with intelligent data aggregation and a collaborative, role-based workflow. A single click on a case shows you a consolidated view of the relevant parties, transactions, and more. Easily review the history, add notes, and send the case over to other team members for review.

  • Analysis
  • Case management
  • Reporting

Filing Gateway

Easily create SARs and file them directly with FinCEN

Streamlined SAR creation

Creating a SAR is as easy as clicking a button in the case and walking through the options on the screen.
All the fields required for a SAR are included, ensuring you don’t leave anything out. Best of all, Beam takes all the data that was collected in the case and enters it for you, so you can focus on fine-tuning the report, not starting each report from scratch.

Beam provides a full audit history of all activity, and all the relevant information is compiled for you into a ready-made, regulator-approved report.

  • Automated SAR generation
  • Predefined narrative templates
  • Easy to manage review process
Automatically send your SARs to FinCEN

You can configure scheduled jobs to send your SARs electronically in batches to FinCEN on the days and times you specify. Or you can manually send the latest batch at any time with the click of a button. Beam's filing gateway provides you with flexibility, ease of use, accuracy, and transparency to simplify advanced reporting and filing.

  • Automated batch creation
  • File a SAR any time
  • End-to-end FinCEN integration

See how Beam can solve your compliance challenges

By looking at your data from all angles, Beam yields significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates.

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